What is UVC?

UVC is short wavelength ultraviolet radiant energy. It forms part of the non-visible segment of the photobiological ultraviolet spectral band, between 200 and 280 nm.


Why can’t I see UVC light?

The electromagnetic spectrum contains wavelengths of light which are both visible and invisible. UVC is in the short wavelength end of the spectrum and is invisible to the human eye. Therefore, although no visible light is being emitted it is still described as Ultraviolet Light.

Can I replace broken lamp tubes in my GOLDENSEA UV product with any make of lamp tube?

You must only use the lamp tubes listed in the product manual for the particular product you are needing to replace

Why does GOLDENSEA UV use UVC in its products?

One of the key properties of the UVC spectral bandwidth is that its radiant energy, when placed in line of sight of a given surface, causes viruses, bacteria and mold spores to become inactive. UVC is therefore referred to as germicidal ultraviolet irradiation (GUVI)

How do I dispose of broken lamp tubes?

You must not dispose of broken lamp tubes in general waste disposal. All GOLDENSEA UV lamp tubes must be disposed of according to your local city, county, state or central government hazardous waste guidelines.

Is the use of UVC, as an effective germicidal tool, new?

No, in fact there GUVI has been studied since the late 19th century with focus on UVC from around 1930. In 1935 scientists proved through demonstration the ability of UVC irradiation to effectively inactivate airborne microorganisms. In the 1970’s UVC irradiation was proven to reduce TB infection. Since the early 1990’s there has been further focus on the efficacy and safety of UVC products as a way to inactivate viruses and bacteria and it is a proven, useful tool in this respect.

What should I do if a lamp tube breaks?

UVC lamp tube contain mercury, which is toxic. Should a lamp tube break, turn off the fixture and unplug the power (if plugged in), open all windows and ventilate the room. Only handle the broken tube while wearing nitrile gloves

Should I clean the tubes in my GOLDENSEA UV product?

For maximum efficiency we recommend wiping the tubes down with a damp soft clean cotton cloth to clean anydust on the surface. It is also possible torub the surface of the lamp tube with a small amount of alcohol.

Is UVC effective at destroying/ inactivating harmful micro-organisms?

Multiple scientific reports show high efficacy rates in the reduction of harmful micro-organisms when used in accordance with manufacturer instructions. For example:

“Implementation of this “no-touch” technology in various hospitals has documented a sustained reduction in surface microbial contamination, reduced cross contamination, and a reduced spread of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. In the study of Liscynesky et al. [15], in rooms of patients with confirmed C. difficileinfection (CDI), 32 out of 238 (13%) high-touch surfaces were positive after bleach disinfection and only 1 out of 238 (0.4%) was positive after UVC-treatment (the computer keyboard) at 254 nm emitted by 3 connected devices run for 45 min.” [Evaluation of an Ultraviolet C (UVC) Light-Emitting Device for Disinfection of High Touch Surfaces in Hospital Critical Areas, Beatrice Casini et al, Sep 24 2019]